Nominee Director

Our Nominee Director service is perfect for anyone wanting to maintain their privacy from public record, by utilising an outside director to be shown on Companies House. This Nominee Director package will equip you with three important documents for the successful performance of this service. The Nominee Director is purely representative of the company, and cannot make any decisions or changes unless requested to do so.


Key Features

  Companies House Nominee Director

We will provide a Nominee Director to be shown on Companies House, as the director of your company.

  Nominee Documents

Upon purchasing this service, you will receive the following documents:

  • Nominee Director Agreement: This states how the relationship between Nominee Director and Beneficial Owner will work.
  • Power of Attorney: A document stating that the Beneficial Owner can act as the Director of the company through the Nominee Director.
  • Director Resignation Letter: An undated letter from the Nominee Director requesting resignation from the company.

Printed copies are also available for all documents.

If you are interested in other Nominee Services, please see our Nominee Shareholder and Nominee Secretary services

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A Nominee Director is a director of a company that shows up on Companies House, but has no power over the company. The Nominee Director’s power goes to the beneficial owner.

A Nominee Director will provide the Beneficial Owner with privacy, as none of their details will be shown on Companies House.

Simply contact us, and we will arrange for them to be posted to you. There will be a small fee and Royal Mail costs for this.

We will need your proof of ID and proof of address, as well as your business details which you can give us over the phone or by email.

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