Relocating to Malta – Individual & Companies

Malta is one of the most sought countries to live in by expats. There are many reasons why expats decide to choose Malta as a destination. Some of the main facts that attract people and companies moving to Malta are; English as an official language, impeccable climate, accessibility and high quality of life. Malta is truly a rewarding place to live in, especially in the summer months.

Apart from general advantages there are also work related benefits when relocating to Malta. These include the strong and steady economy, inexpensive labour and working opportunities with multiple disruptive industries such as igaming.

Malta is not only attractive for people seeking son and work opportunities but also for businesses. Many companies opt to relocate or open a company in Malta due to the many incentives presented by the government.

Despite all the benefits mentioned above, the process involved when relocating personally or your company to Malta is no walk in the park and often it can be quite challenging. Welcome Center Malta takes care of such processes. WCM provides valuable and updated information to assist expats and companies with a successful relocation to the Maltese Islands. Apart from that, Welcome Center Malta also provides a number of specialised services in the following;

  • Corporate Services: This includes anything from company formation, banking, commercial property, VAT registration and data centre services.

  • Blockchain advisory services: Everything related to launch an ICO Malta. Blockchain is growing rapidly in Malta and more companies are opting for ICO and STO launches. Welcome Center Malta assists companies throughout the whole process for a successful launch and/or relocation.

  • Tax Advisory Services: Tax in Malta is one of the main reasons why so many companies decide to relocate to Malta. Finding the right tax advisor is crucial for a successful launch, both in terms of usual incorporation of companies and also digital companies. Find out how to find the right Malta Tax advisors.

  • Yacht Registration Services: The Maltese flag ranks as the 1st in Europe and 6th in the world. This encourages many yacht owners to register their ship in Malta. Welcome Center Malta assists companies and yacht owners with a successful and stress free yacht registration in Malta.


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