International Business Telephone Number

If you have a UK business located abroad with a UK presence we can also offer an international business telephone service. We can issue you with a UK number so you have presence in the UK and all the calls can then be diverted out to any destination worldwide. The number will simply divert to your existing landline or mobile phone and can be re-routed to a different number instantly online should you change your number, move location or country.

This means that new and existing customers can still reach you on the same number even if you relocate several times as your business grows. Many international companies are currently benefiting from the higher response rates by having a UK number. You can now route your local number anywhere you like whether it’s a landline, mobile or internationally.

Numbers in 140 Countries and thousands of local city / area codes (or in the UK), linked to any landline or mobile in the UK or abroad. Our international network allows us access to:

  • Local area numbers
  • National area numbers
  • Toll-free national numbers
  • International toll-free numbers

These numbers can ring on any phone, anywhere in the world.

As an additional service we also provide free one-month Live Call Answering for our customers but there is no obligation to select this option. This facility offers flexible, dedicated receptionists available on demand, and only when you or your business needs them. We handle your calls so you have more time to focus on what you do best.

Our call centres are only UK based and phones are manned by clearly spoken, friendly and experienced staff who go beyond the call of duty to assist your callers. Calls will be answered promptly in your company name by allocated receptionists acting on your instructions.

Flexible International Business Number Service

Have your own dedicated UK number, from anywhere in the world.

Dedicated Uk Number
Personalised Receptionist
E-mail Delivery
Sales Call / Wrong Number
Account Statement
SMS Delivery
No Contract
Worldwide Redirecting

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